Mincon CSR Champion

Nolundi Dayina is the Human Resource controller at Mincon South Africa, and a CSR Champion for Mincon’s programme in 2022.

Nolundi has been in the industry for eight years, with six of those at Mincon South Africa. She holds BCom degrees in Financial Management and Human Resource Management, and is currently studying for an honours degree in Human Resource Management.

Her passion for working with people is more than academic. This busy mother of two young children is actively involved in community projects, including volunteering at local shelters in her own time. She has a passion for improving the lives of the people around her, and this drive for giving has extended to her role at Mincon South Africa.

Nolundi conducted research on projects that could form part of Mincon’s global CSR programme and will be leading the implementation of three projects during 2022. With a goal to create opportunities for the next generation, leaving a lasting impact, and improving the lives of young people, we are proud to have her as a Mincon CSR Champion.

Nolundi Dayina, Mincon South Africa