Corporate Social Responsibility

Originally founded as a family-run business, Mincon’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy draws on that heritage to ensure that we make positive contributions in the communities where we have businesses.

The core values that drive our CSR projects:

  • Creating opportunities for the next generation
  • Making a positive impact on society
  • Building a better world for the future

The scope of Mincon’s social responsibility initiatives covers both local and international projects, which are implemented by the teams at our factories and service centres around the world.

The programme includes:

Waste management

Eligible primary schools in the community will be given access to waste and recycling facilities to educate young children of the importance of environmental management systems.

Community boreholes

Water scarcity on the African continent is an ongoing challenge and recognised as one of the biggest threats to school children in this developing region of the world. Mincon will play a role in giving community schools access to clean water, providing both its expertise and access to its drilling systems for the installation of boreholes.

Internet access

The internet has helped information become far more accessible than ever, however rural schools in Southern Africa remain at a disadvantage due to the lack of broadband infrastructure. Mincon aims to equip schools in its community with wireless internet, giving students access to information and tools that can create a wealth of opportunities for their future.

Local community projects:

In each of the countries where Mincon has a local presence, the regional factories and customer service centres have social responsibility programmes involving their local communities. At some locations, these are long-standing partnerships with local organisations, or even decades-old traditions kept alive by staff and management.

Our recent local community projects include:

  • Donations to community centres and food banks
  • Sponsorship of local school and junior sports teams
  • Community programmes for individuals with disabilities
  • Providing day-care centres with educational items
  • Corporate alliance campaign for providing medical supplies

At Mincon, we believe in being hands-on when it comes to our CSR initiatives. This allows our employees and businesses to propose projects that matter to their communities, allowing them to take ownership of their vision while fostering a culture where colleagues can witness the positive impact of their actions.