RNS Announcements

13 March 2023FY 2022 Full Year Results
1 November 2022Q3 2022 Market Release
5 September 2022Greenhammer Commercial Contract
9 August 2022Holdings in Company
8 August 2022H1 2022 Results
9 May 2022Interim Trading Update
5 May 2022Result of AGM
5 April 2022Notice of AGM
5 April 2022FY 2021 Annual Report
5 April 2022AGM Notice and Chairman’s Letter
15 March 2022Holdings in Company
14 March 2022Non-executive Director Appointment
14 March 2022FY 2021 Full Year Results
5 November 2021Holdings in Company
1 November 2021Q3 2021 Market Release
9 August 2021H1 2021 Results
19 July 2021Appointment of Joint Broker
30 June 2021Holdings in Company
14 June 2021PDMR Notification
9 June 2021PDMR Notification
10 May 2021Interim Trading Update
6 May 2021Result of AGM
28 April 2021Issue of Equity
26 April 2021PDMR Notice
6 April 2021Notice of AGM
6 April 2021FY 2020 Annual Report
6 April 2021AGM Notice and Chairman’s Letter
1 April 2021Holdings in company
25 March 2021PDMR Notification
24 March 2021Application for Issue of Equity
22 March 2021FY 2020 Full Year Results
12 March 2021Migration update
2 March 2021Consent to migration
12 February 2021Result of EGM
19 January 2021EGM Notice and Chairman’s Letter
19 January 2021Notice of EGM
11 November 2020Update: Notification of shareholding
9 November 2020Q3 2020 release
29 October 2020Update: Notification of major holdings
13 August 2020Update: Notification of shareholding
10 August 2020H1 2020 results
23 July 2020Result of AGM
18 June 2020AGM notice and chairman’s letter
18 June 2020Notice of AGM
7 May 2020PDMR notification
5 May 2020Q1 2020 Release
30 April 2020FY 2019 annual report
30 April 2020Notice of 2019 annual report publication
16 April 2020PDMR notification
14 April 2020Issue of equity
14 April 2020PDMR notification
8 April 2020Notice of AGM postponement
25 March 2020PDMR Notification
23 March 2020FY 2019 Full Year Results
13 March 2020Update: Notification of major holdings
27 January 2020Management Change
20 January 2020Acquisition of Lehti Group Oy
6 December 2019Board Changes
7 November 2019Update: Holdings in company
31 October 2019Q3 2019 Release
13 August 2019Mincon Board Update
11 August 2019H1 2019 Results
29 April 2019Result of AGM
25 April 2019Q1 2019 Results
15 April 2019AGM notice and Chairman’s letter
29 March 2019FY 2018 Annual Report
27 March 2019Form of Proxy
19 March 2019FY 2018 Full Year Results
9 January 2019Acquisition of Pacific Bit of Canada Inc
21 December 2018Mark McNamara Appointed as CFO
13 December 2018Hydraulic DTH System Update
26 October 2018Q3 2018 Release
15 October 2018Hydraulic DTH System Update
17 August 2018Directorate Change
13 August 2018H1 2018 Results
29 May 2018Director Appointment
9 May 2018PDMR Notification
26 April 2018Result of AGM
26 April 2018Q1 2018 Release
9 April 2018PDMR Notification
9 April 2018Notice of AGM
4 April 2018Annual Report Publication and Notice of AGM
20 March 2018FY 2017 Full Year Results
20 March 2018Acquisitions Announcement
10 January 2018Holding(s) in Company
1 December 2017Holding(s) in Company
30 November 2017Holding(s) in Company
23 October 2017Q3 2017 Release
17 August 2017H1 2017 Results
19 May 2017Holding(s) in Company
28 April 2017Results of AGM
27 April 2017Q1 2017 Release
3 April 2017Notice of AGM and Chairmans Letter
3 April 2017Annual Report Publication and Notice of AGM
4 April 2017Notice of Dividend
21 March 2017FY 2016 Full Year Results
16 February 2017Director Appointment
4 January 2017Appointment of Senior Vice President – Business Development
22 December 2016Chair of Audit Commitee Appointment
14 December 2016Director Appointment
30 November 2016Director Anouncement
10 November 2016Q3 2016 Release
4 November 2016Chairman Announcement
19 August 2016Half yearly report
28 July 2016Holding(s) in Company
16 June 2016Holding(s) in Company
14 June 2016Holding(s) in Company
10 June 2016Holding(s) in Company
8 June 2016Results of AGM
25 May 2016Q1 2016 Results
4 May 2016CFO Announcement
28 April 2016Annual Report Publication and Notice of AGM
11 March 2016Notice of Dividend
9 March 2016FY 2015 Full Year Results
3 March 2016Notice of Results
18 February 2016Holding(s) in Company
26 January, 2016Holding(s) in Company
10th December 2015Holding(s) in Company
10th November 2015Interim Trading Update
7 October 2015Holding(s) in Company
19 August 2015Half yearly report
10th June 2015Holding(s) in Company
28th May 2015Results of AGM
26th May 2015Interim Trading Update
11th May 2015Appointment of New CEO Mincon Group plc
24th April 2015AGM Notice and Chairmans Letter 2015
30th March 2015Acquisition of Marshalls announcement
9th March 2015FY 2014 Full Year Results
3rd March 2015Notice of Results
23rd December 2014Director Appointment
19th December 2014Purchase of Minority Interest
10th November 2014Holding(s) in Company
7th November 2014Interim Trading Update
22nd August 2014Results of AGM
20th August 2014Half Yearly Report
20th August 2014Board Change
20th August 2014Acquisitions Announcement
30th July 2014Notice of AGM
6th June 2014Annual Report Publication
2nd April 2014Mincon Group plc 2013 Results
22nd January 2014Mincon Employee Recognition Payment
14th January 2014Appointment of CFO
3rd December 2013Holding(s) in Company
3rd December 2013Holding(s) in Company


Mincon Group plc is a global engineering business specialising in the design, development, manufacture, and service of rock drilling tools for a variety of applications.

Originally founded in 1977 in Shannon, Ireland, it now has a worldwide presence, with customer service centres and factories across the Americas; Europe and Middle East; Africa, and Asia Pacific. 


Mincon Group plc- The Driller's Choice ™